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Welcome to Star*Team North America, part of the Star*Team group.

We are Zal and Emma Fink. For over 60 years now Shaklee has been a leader in health and wellness. Shaklee products are the best in their categories. All clinically proven to work safely, effectively and better than what you'll find in stores. You're going to love these products! And they come with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

To Place your order at this web page please read these guidelines. This will simplify the process for you.

To order Shaklee products:

1. Click on the "Shop" tab above.

2. If you cannot find the Shaklee product you are looking for - enter the name of the product in the white search box - located on the top right side of your page.

3. Once you have found the Shaklee products you are looking for - to order the product - click on the name of the product "underlined in blue" then add to your shopping cart.

4. To continue shopping or to check out click on "view cart".

5. To check out just click on "Checkout as Guest" then enter your name, address, etc, and payment method. Follow instructions to complete the process.

6. To automatically save 15% on this order and future orders you need to become a Shaklee Member. Those who become members at this site can receive MUCH more than the 15% discount on their Shaklee purchases including

a) Additional money-saving product specials and promotions throughout the year.

b) New Member Kit with the complete Shaklee Product Guide, and more.

c) Access to the online Shaklee Members-Only Center for even easier online ordering, online order tracking, access to the Shaklee online reference library and the latest Shaklee news. For more on the benefits of becoming a Shaklee Member click on Join Us (above).

7. And finally at the top of every page, you can click on "CONTACT US" to get answers to any questions you might have. If you can't find what you're looking for online or would prefer to order Shaklee products by phone feel free to call us at 503-714-1030.

We're here to help make your Shaklee experience the best it can be.

Please BOOKMARK OUR WEBSITE as one of your FAVORITES so you can easily come back in the future. And since Shaklee is sold mainly by word-of-mouth, we'd appreciate any referrals. Tell your friends and family about this website and let them experience the benefits.

IMPORTANT- If you are already a Shaklee Member in someone else's group, please do not order on this website. If you are not sure of your membership status feel free to contact us and we can find out for you.

Attention Canadian Visitors: This is a Shaklee U.S. website. However Canadians can sign up here to become Shaklee members. As a Shaklee member in Canada you can also order by phone or online and have Shaklee Products shipped to your door too!

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